Money Forward Group Tax Policy

Money Forward, Inc. (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) not only comply with laws and regulations, but also endeavor to conduct responsible corporate activities respecting society’s expectations and requirements for the Group, based on the Action Principle of the Money Forward Group.
With respect to taxes as well, the Group complies with the laws, regulations, and other various rules of the countries and regions where it does business, appropriately preparing and filing tax returns and making tax payments. In addition, the Group strives to raise its corporate value by aiming to optimize tax costs through appropriate tax planning.

1. Tax Compliance
The Group not only complies with the laws, regulations, and other rules of the countries and regions where it conducts business, but also strives to correctly understand the legislative intent, background, and other aspects to appropriately prepare and file tax returns and pay taxes.
2. Tax Governance Structure
The officer in charge of the Company’s accounting department is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Group’s tax governance structure. The Company’s accounting department strives to gather information on laws, regulations, and other rules and makes effective use of the knowledge of outside experts to control the tax governance structure of the Group overall.
3. Tax Planning
The Group strives to raise its corporate value by actively utilizing preferential tax schemes that are based on the tax systems of each country where it does business. In tax planning, the Group endeavors to interpret laws and regulations in light of their legislative intent and does not practice excessive tax-saving measures that deviate from that intent. Furthermore, the Group does not evade taxes by using tax havens.
4. Transfer Pricing
The Group appropriately calculates transaction prices applicable to its international controlled transactions based on the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.
5. Relationship with Tax Authorities
The Group communicates with the tax authorities of each applicable country with sincerity and builds and maintains sound and positive relationships with them. Should differences in opinion with tax authorities arise, the Group will work to resolve such differences through constructive dialogue.

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