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Representative Director, President and CEO

Yosuke Tsuji

After graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture (BS), Kyoto University, Yosuke Tsuji obtained his MBA at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He worked at Sony Corporation and Monex, Inc. before establishing Money Forward, Inc. in 2012. He currently serves as an executive officer of the Japan Association of New Economy, Chairperson of the Startup Promotion General Committee at the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (KEIZAI DOYUKAI), and Executive Committee Member of the Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP).

Director, Group Executive Officer
and CFO

Naoya Kanesaka

Naoya Kanesaka graduated from the University of Tokyo (Economics) in 2007. He worked at Goldman Sachs (Tokyo and San Francisco office) for eight years, during which he was involved in advisory services for cross-border M&As and structuring public offerings in the technology and financial sector, as well as later working for Goldman Sachs’s hands-on private equity investment team. He joined Money Forward, Inc., in 2014 and has been serving as Director since 2017. He also serves as General Partner of HIRAC FUND run by Money Forward Venture Partners, Inc. established in May 2020.

Director, Group Executive Officer
and CTO


Takuya Nakade joined Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd. in 2001 and led CRM system development as IT manager. In 2007 he joined Simplex Inc. and developed stock trading systems catered to securities companies and subsequently served as product manager of FX dealing system. He joined Money Forward, Inc. in 2015 and developed financial system. In 2016, he was appointed as CTO.

Director, Group Executive Officer and Money Forward
Business Company

Masanobu Takeda

Masanobu Takeda joined Money Forward, Inc. in 2017 at the timing of M&A of Klavis Inc., where he has been serving as Director and CFO since 2016. Prior to joining Klavis, he served as Director at Macromill Group and was in charge of corporate planning including corporate and HR strategic planning, M&As, and new business development, and as Director and Head of Corporate Planning at eole Inc.

External Directors

External Director
Vice Chair, Board of Councilors, US-Japan Council

Masaaki Tanaka

Masaaki Tanaka has over 40 years of experience in the finance industry, beginning his career at the Mitsubishi Bank (currently MUFG Bank). His previous senior roles include Representative Director and Deputy President of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, President and CEO of Union Bank, N.A. and Senior Managing Executive Officer and CEO for the Americas of The Bank of Tokyo–Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. He was also a board member of Morgan Stanley from 2011 until 2015. He served as a member of Financial System Council of the Financial Service Agency and various other governmental organizations. From September until December of 2018, He was President and CEO of Japan Investment Corporation. Mr. Tanaka was appointed Executive Chairman of the Board of Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. in March 2019, Chairman, President & CEO in January 2020, and served as Adviser from April until June 2021. He was appointed as Advisor to Dean, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo in October 2021. He is also serving as Vice-Chair of the Board of Councilors of the US-Japan Council since 2013.

External Director
DNX Ventures Managing Partner & Head of Japan

Akira Kurabayashi

After engaging in venture capital businesses targeting Japan and U.S. at Fujitsu Limited and Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Akira Kurabayashi oversaw investments in Japan at Globespan Capital Partners and Salesforce Ventures. He joined Draper Nexus Partners (now DNX Ventures) as Managing Director in March 2015 and was appointed as Managing Partner & Head of Japan in December 2020.
He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor and Ph.D. degree from Doshisha University.

External Director
Junify Corporation
Co-founder & CEO

Hiroaki Yasutake

Hiroaki Yasutake joined Rakuten in 1998 as one of its earliest employees, and created various Rakuten services as a software engineer as well as building the tech team from scratch and leading the entire Rakuten group tech team as Managing Executive Officer until January 2016. After Rakuten, he moved to the US and founded a new startup called Junify Corporation. At the same time, he supports many Japanese companies as an advisor on innovation and technology management. Board member of Techmatrix since 2013. Advisor of Japan CTO Association since 2019, currently serving as advisor.

External Director
LY Corporation
Corporate Officer

Gen Miyazawa

In 2004, Gen Miyazawa founded and became CEO of Cirius Technologies,Inc. After the company was acquired by Yahoo Japan Corporation, joined Yahoo Japan in August 2010. In April 2014, he was appointed Corporate Officer and President of Search Services Company. In April 2018, he was appointed Managing Corporate Officer, President of Media Company. He was then appointed Director, and served as Senior Managing Corporate Officer and the President of Corporate Group from October 2020. With the reorganization of Yahoo Japan Corporation to LY Corporation in October 2023, he was appointed to his present position of Senior General Manager, Generative AI Group, Executive Corporate Officer. June 2023: Completed Artificial Intelligence Programme from the University of Oxford.

External Director
AYANA Hospitality, Director and VP of Digital

Ryu Kawano

Ryu Suliawan is currently the Vice President of Digital at AYANA Hospitality. He joined AYANA in 2022 after a decade in the technology industry. He was previously the Head of Business Solutions at Goto Financial. He joined Goto Financial in 2018 through GOJEK’s acquisition of Midtrans, the largest online payment gateway in Indonesia, where he was the founder and CEO. Prior to establishing Midtrans, Ryu worked as an Associate at TPG Capital, and as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Technology, Media, Telecom Group at Lazard. Ryu holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Claremont McKenna College.

External Director
Law Office of Matsuo & Kosugi, Representative Managing Partner

Yukino Kikuma

Yukino Kikuma joined Fuji Television Network, where she worked as newscaster on a number of entertainment, information, and sports programs. In 2011, she joined Law Office of Matsuo & Kosugi and registered as an attorney in the same year.Since 2022, she has worked as a Representative Managing Partner in a wide range of practice areas including dispute resolution, general corporate legal affairs, risk management, and corporate governance, as well as serving as an outside director of a listed company.

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

External Audit & Supervisory Board Member (full-time)

Masami Hatakeyama

Masami Hatakeyama worked for the Japan Securities Dealers Association for 15 years, mainly coordinating with authorities and industry leaders to create self-regulatory rules. He joined Rakuten Securities, Inc. in November 1999 and served as Director and Executive Officer for eight and a half years, overseeing the Compliance Department and other operations. In April 2008, he was appointed as Director of SBI Japannext Securities, and in February 2011, he was appointed as Representative Director and CEO of SBI Japannext Securities. In February 2023, he was appointed as an outside auditor of the Company.

External Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Yozo Ueda

After working for NEC Corporation, Yozo Ueda joined MELCO INC. and served as Managing Director, and Representative Director and President of its subsidiary. He was appointed as full-time Corporate Auditor at MELCO HOLDINGS INC. in 2003. He also served as Audit & Supervisory Board Member at Digital Forest Co., Ltd. (currently NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation) and Cirius Technologies Co., Ltd. (currently LY Corporation). He was appointed as Audit & Supervisory Board Member at Money Forward, Inc. in February 2015.

External Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Katsuyuki Tanaka

After being registering as a lawyer, Katsuyuki Tanaka joined Yuasa and Hara in 1993. He then established Tokyo Seiwa Sogo Law Firm in 2006 and serves as its partner. He has more than 20 years of experience in corporate legal and compliance advisory services.

External Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Hidetoshi Uriu

Hidetoshi started his career at the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs in 1999, and became Managing Director in 2012. During his nineteen years there, he led various high profile M&A and financing transactions for Technology, Media and Telecom companies. He left Goldman Sachs in 2018 to join VisasQ Inc., currently serving as one of the Board of Directors.

Group Executive Officers


Group Executive Officer, CoPA (Chief of Public Affairs), Head of Sustainability and Head of Money Forward Fintech Institute

Toshio Taki

After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Economics in 2004, Toshio Taki joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. At the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research, he engaged in research on household behavior, the pension system, and financial institution business models among other themes. After receiving his MBA from Stanford University and working in the planning division of Nomura Holdings, Inc., he joined in the launch of Money Forward, Inc., in 2012. He is also an expert member of the Council for Digital Administrative and Fiscal Reform (Cabinet Secretariat), expert committee member of the Council for Promotion of Regulatory Reform (Cabinet Office), a Representative Director of the Japan Association for Financial APIs, an adviser of Fintech Association of Japan, a member of the Dementia Innovation Alliance Public and Private Sector Working Group (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), etc.

Group Executive Officer and CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)

Hirokazu Ban

Hirokazu Ban started his career at a securities company in 2001 and worked in sales for 2 years. After graduating from law school in 2007, he was registered as a lawyer in 2008. Subsequently, he joined legal department of SBI SECURITIES and was in charge of group-wide projects at corporate planning department. In 2011, he was seconded to SBI Holdings, where he was in charge of executing group strategy and managing its subsidiaries as Head of CEO Office. He also served as Director and Head of Administration Department of SBI Money Plaza Inc. after contributing to its establishment. He joined Money Forward, Inc. in January 2016.

Group Executive Officer and CDO (Chief Design Officer)

Daisuke Sergio Ito

Daisuke Sergio Ito joined FreeBit Co., Ltd. in 2003, where he was in charge of public relations, corporate branding, and business strategy in the CEO’s office. In 2006, he left the company and moved to New York, where he studied art and became a freelance designer. In 2010, he returned to Japan and became the president of a design firm, An INC. In 2013, he won the Good Design Award. From 2019, he has been engaging Money Forward group as head of design team. He was appointed as CDO in 2020.

Group Executive Officer and CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Masakazu Sekita

After graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 2002, he registered as a lawyer in 2004. After joining Mitsui, Yasuda & Wani in the same year, he worked at Gaikokuho Kyodo-Jigyo Horitsu Jimusho Linklaters (Linklaters Tokyo) and T&K Partners for more than 16 years before joining the Company in January 2021. He was also involved in the launch of BizForward Inc., a joint venture with Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Ltd. and was appointed as Director in charge of the administrative division of BizForward Inc. in August 2021. In December of the same year, he was appointed as the Company’s Group Executive Officer and CLO.

Group Executive Officer,
CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Masayuki Matsuhisa

Masayuki Matsuhisa joined Hewlett-Packard Japan in 1997 and oversaw system development business mainly for large banks. In 2011, he was transferred to Hewlett-Packard Singapore as a project director, responsible for IT projects in Asian countries. In 2016, he returned to Japan and joined Amazon Web Services Japan. As General Manager of the Financial Solutions Division, he focused on cloud adoption in the financial services industry. He joined Money Forward, Inc., in 2023.

Group Executive Officer and CHO (Chief Human Officer), Head of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

Chiaki Ishihara

Chiaki Ishihara joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC in 2012 and registered as a Japanese CPA in 2015. She joined Money Forward, Inc., in 2016, where she was involved in IPO preparation. After the IPO, she was engaged in the international public offerings, section transfer from Mothers to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and led the sustainability project as Division Manager of Corporate Planning Division and Head of IR. In 2021, she moved to HR and has led the project to revise the human resource policies as General Manager of People Forward Department. She was appointed as CHO in 2023.

Group Executive Officer

Group Executive Officer, President’s Office Manager

Kiminobu Tahira

After graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Kiminobu Tahira engaged in business development of systems for the distribution industry at NEC Corporation. He then joined Rakuten, Inc., where he engaged in setting up marketing division, constructing reward program and facilitating business alliance of Rakuten Ichiba. After leading retail marketing at Monex, Inc., he joined Money Forward, Inc. as Head of marketing department.

Group Executive Officer, Money Forward Business Company CSO

Kazuya Yamada

After passing Japanese CPA examination, Kazuya Yamada joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, in 2016. He then experienced Executive Director and CFO at Pankaku Inc. and Executive Director and Head of Venture Support at Bridge Consulting Group Inc. He joined Money Forward, Inc. in 2014 and served as Head of CEO Office and Head of Development of Money Forward Cloud. He currently oversees strategy as Money Forward Business Company CSO.

Group Executive Officer,Head of Alliance Strategy and Money Forward X Company CSO

Daisuke Motokawa

After graduating from Chuo University (Economics), Daisuke Motokawa joined NTT DOCOMO, INC. in 2003 and engaged in solution sales for large corporations. He was then transferred to FeliCa Networks, Inc. and in charge of business planning of mobile wallet and newly set up big data business. After returning to NTT DOCOMO, INC. he experienced NFC/Fintech projects. He joined Money Forward, Inc. in 2016.

Group Executive Officer and Accounting Department Manager

Shun Matsuoka

Shun Matsuoka joined Sony Corporation in 1998 and engaged in accounting and tax operations, including projects for early closing of accounts and adoption of new system and new accounting standards. While in Sony, he passed Small and Medium Business Consultant, Certified Public Tax Accountant, and Certified Public Accountant examinations. He was transferred to England for 5 years from 2012. He joined Money Forward, Inc. in April 2019 as Co-Accounting Department Manager. He was registered as a CPA in 2020.

Group Executive Officer
President and Representative Director, Money Forward Kessai, Inc.
President and Representative Director, Biz Forward, Inc.

Naomichi Tomiyama

Naomichi Tomiyama graduated from Keio University (Economics) in 2010 and joined KPMG AZUSA LLC where he engaged in financial and internal control audit of entertainment and tourism industry. He was also involved in many voluntary and legal liquidation projects in a consulting company. In 2014, he joined Money Forward, Inc. and engaged in strategy planning and new business development of Money Forward Cloud. He was appointed as Representative Director of MF KESSAI, Inc. (currently Money Forward Kessai,Inc.) in 2017. He also serves as the President and Representative Director of Biz Forward Inc. in 2021.

Group Executive Officer and Money Forward Business Company VPoE

Ryo Shibuya

Ryo Shibuya joined Adways Inc. in 2007 and was in charge of developing advertising system. He then worked at GREE, Inc. and experienced the development of advertising system and new business. He joined Money Forward, Inc. in 2014 and was involved in development of invoice and accounting / tax return modules. He also experienced the launch of payroll and MyNumber modules. He has been serving as VPoE and Head of Development of B2B services.

Group Executive Officer,
Money Forward Vietnam
Co., Ltd. CEO

Nana Nagai

Nana Nagai started her career at Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2005, and later became a member of the startup team at Randstad Japan. In 2014, she relocated to Southeast Asia and served as an executive officer in charge of marketing at Evolable Asia Vietnam (now Hybrid Technologies). After moving to Rakuten Singapore, she lead the launch of new business for app service providers. She joined Money Forward Vietnam as COO in 2021 and was appointed as CEO in 2022. Nana holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Nanyang Technological University.

Group Executive Officer,
Head of Global Strategy and Money Forward America CEO

Shinji “Sandy” Kimura

Sandy Kimura joined Sony Corp in 2001 and started his career in the accounting function. Later he started his own web agency, and then in 2011 joined Rakuten Inc., as part of the global M&A and corporate development function. In 2012 he was dispatched to Rakuten Germany to manage the EU Ecommerce operations, and then in 2016 moved to the US to be the Chief Strategy Officer of Rakuten Americas to lead their M&A and partnerships. He joined Money Forward America in 2022 to lead the group’s global strategy.

Group Executive Officer, Head of Finance and IR

Yumiko Nagao

After graduating from Kyoto University in 2011, Yumiko Nagao joined Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Tokyo HQ, Singapore and Brazil offices) engaging in overseas investments and corporate development. After joining Money Forward in 2018, she has been leading M&A activities as Head of Corporate Development as well as corporate finance areas such as debt and equity financing.

Company Executive Officer

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward Business Company


He joined Intelligence Corporation (now PERSOL CAREER Co., Ltd.) in 2007 and worked in the human resources industry for 13 years, engaging in BtoB sales, product and marketing planning, strategy development, and the establishment of a cross-company BtoB marketing organization, etc. He joined the Company in 2020, leading the promotion of direct sales of accounting and finance services for the mid-sized companies. He was appointed as Company Executive Officer of Business Company in 2021 and General Manager of the Business Company COO Office in December 2023.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward
Business Company
CMO (Chief
Marketing Officer)

Tetsuya Komaguchi

After graduating from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering, he worked at Procter & Gamble’s Japan and Singapore offices, where he was involved in product strategy development and brand management for North America, Asia, and Europe. After serving as PMM (Product Marketing Manager) for “MoneyForward ME” and overseeing the accounting and finance domain business of “MoneyForward Cloud”, he currently oversees the entire marketing as CMO of the Business Company.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward
Business Company
CRO (Chief
Revenue Officer)

Seiichiro Shimamura

Seiichiro Shimamura joined AIG in 1990. After gaining experience in marketing planning and operations, he was promoted to Assistant Vice President in 2010, and Vice President in 2012. In 2013, he joined Asurion and was assigned the role of Vice President for the Japanese Division. During his time at Asurion, he held various positions in leading negotiations with clients and corporate strategies. He joined Money Forward, Inc., in 2023.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward
Business Company
Product Officer)

Kei Sugita

Kei Sugita joined an independent software house, where he worked as an engineer for an ERP package before establishing the corporation in 2005. He then joined PERSOL Process & Technology in 2009, where he was responsible for retail distribution solutions. In parallel, he experienced launching several SaaS products as the head of AI solution organization and new service development He joined our company in 2018. Currently, as Business Company CPO, he is responsible for the overall SMB products.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward
Business Company
Product Officer)


After working in the Information Systems Department of an education-related company, he joined Works Applications in 1999. After working as a development engineer for a human resource and payroll package, he was responsible for the development of ERP packages for major companies, launching multiple products, overseeing planning and development, expanding sales to major companies, and serving as a PM for implementation. He joined the company in 2020 and was involved in the launch of “Money Forward Cloud ERP”. Currently, as CPO of the Business Company, he is in charge of all products for mid-sized companies and above.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward Business Company

Hiroshi Nagai

After joining Sumitomo Corporation as a new graduate in 2008, he was engaged in the establishment of a company-wide risk management system, system implementation, and risk management operations for the office and commercial facility business before joining the Company in 2015. He was involved in partner sales for the professional business of the SaaS business for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and was engaged in the establishment of the sales organization of the Kansai base, business planning and strategy formulation related work for the entire headquarters, etc. From 2021, he will be in charge of the SaaS business for SMEs.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward
Business Company

Yoshinobu Maruyama

He started his engineering career in 1999 at a systems integrator. He then worked as a development manager at a real estate cloud service company and became a director and CTO at ATLED CORP. At ATRED, he served as a Director from the unlisted phase to the TSE Mothers and TSE First Section phases. In 2019, he joined the Company and was seconded to Money Forward Vietnam to manage global engineering teams as a VPoE from 2021 to 2023.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward
Home Company
Operating Officer)

Tomohiko Kimura

Tomohiko Kimura joined CyberAgent, Inc. in 2007, and was in charge of marketing operations for the financial subsidiary and social game division.
After working at Revamp Corporation, he joined Money Forward, Inc., in 2015. After serving as the head of marketing for “MoneyForward ME,” he was appointed as the COO of the Home Company, which provides services for individuals, from December 2022.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward
X Company
Operating Officer)

Yuki Inoko

After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University, he joined the current Hitachi Solutions in 2002, where he was engaged in system development for major companies before moving to Accenture, Ltd.He was in charge of developing strategies for data utilization, building analysis and visualization platforms, and analyzing data using machine learning and other techniques, mainly for major financial institutions and major retail companies.He joined the Company in August 2018.In 2020, he became COO of Money Forward X Company, which develops business for financial institutions and other clients.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward X Company

Seiko Harada

After graduating from Kyoto University (Law), she engaged in marketing and PR in an entertainment industry. She then joined GREE, Inc. in 2011 as PR. After engaging in setting up an industry group, she was transferred to business development and creative department of social game. After 2016, she engaged in setting up social media marketing business at Glossom, Inc., a subsidiary of GREE, Inc. She joined Money Forward, Inc. in 2018. After serving as President’s Office Manager and President of ADXL, Inc. etc., she is currently serving as Company Executive Officer of Money Forward X Company.

Company Executive Officer
Money Forward X Company

Hideaki Arai

He joined Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture) in 1992 and has been engaged in consulting on business applications of advanced technologies for banks and securities companies in the Technology Group for more than 25 years. He also served as COO of the Financial Services Department, responsible for Finance, HR, Recruiting, Quality & Risk, etc. He joined the Company in 2021.

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