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Director and Executive Officer;
Head of the Money Forward
Fintech Research Institute

Toshio Taki

After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Economics in 2004, Toshio Taki joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. At the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research, he engaged in research on household behavior, the pension system, and financial institution business models among other themes. After receiving his MBA from Stanford University and working in the planning division of Nomura Holdings, Inc., he joined in the launch of Money Forward, Inc., in 2012. He is a member of the METI Study Group on FinTech and a member of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) panel of experts on FinTech startups.


I was taught an important phrase when I was a new graduate taking my first steps in the business world: Safety and security are two different things. To be precise, safety can be conveyed to another with sufficient explanation, while security cannot since it is an endogenous emotion.
As a member of the capital market world where providing “sufficient explanation” was key to my job, this phrase held great significance for me.
Similarly, risk and uncertainty are two words that seem synonymous but bear different nuances. Risk refers to a known likelihood of winning or losing in cases where multiple outcomes are possible—as in a game of rock-paper-scissors. In contrast, uncertainty refers to an unknown likelihood of an outcome—as in asking someone out on a date.
I feel that much of what is referred to as insecurity is more akin to risk than uncertainty. In my opinion, the true challenge lies in individuals not having sufficient knowledge about tools that should help them understand complex matters or about next actions to take.
Money Forward provides solutions for a prime cause of insecurity—namely, money-related issues. We aim to persistently take on challenges with an emphasis on fairness, and leverage on the power of technology to create a society where each of our users can devote themselves to what is truly valuable in life.


Executive Officer and

Takashi Ichikawa

In 2000, Takashi Ichikawa joined Monex Securities, where he developed and operated securities trading systems and engaged in various types of project management including for subsidiary mergers. He subsequently worked for a major financial systems development company, where he served as the leader of the infrastructure division and launched a new FX transactions site. He joined the launch of Money Forward, Inc., in 2012.


To deliver new value to users by aggregating money-related data from multiple sources and creating exceptional values that are unattainable with conventional services—this is the world we envisioned when founding Money Forward.
Since then, our services have developed in step with the changing times, and I believe we are gradually providing our users with meaningful values that address money-related challenges.
In support of such services, I am engaged in enhancing our system infrastructure and ensuring security robustness, and am committed to making daily efforts to realize Money Forward’s vision.


Director and Executive Officer,
Corporate Development

Naoya Kanesaka

Naoya Kanesaka graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics in 2007. He worked at Goldman Sachs (Tokyo and San Francisco offices) for approx. eight years, during which time he was involved in advisory services for cross-border M&As and fund procurement mainly in the technology and financial industries, as well as in enhancing value of investments and investee companies through investment funds operated by Goldman Sachs. He joined Money Forward, Inc., in 2014.


Some three years have passed since I joined Money Forward. While working in the financial industry with my previous employer, I was compelled by a sense of crisis over the potential risks of the rapidly weakening yen and, in contrast, the long-standing stance of Japanese people to save excessively. Granted the exchange rate has stabilized since then, I still feel that people are harboring a vague feeling of anxiety in their daily lives due to the multitude of issues Japan faces; e.g., fiscal issues, the aging population, rising poverty rates, swelling healthcare expenses, and the questionable pension system. Against this backdrop, I believe that it is Money Forward’s mission to eliminate such obscure anxieties about the future for as many people as possible, and generate a positive flow of money through the services we provide.
As head of the Finance and Management Planning Division, I will continue to strive to construct a finance and management infrastructure that users can rely on. Meanwhile, many of the services we provide are founded on partnerships with financial institutions, business corporations and accounting firms that provide conventional financial, data or accounting infrastructures. Going forward, we are determined to continue collaborating with our partners to deliver new values to our users.
To this end, we kindly ask for your continued support for Money Forward.


Director, Executive Officer
and CTO

Takuya Nakade

Takuya Nakade joined Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd in 2001 and led CRM system development as IT manager. In 2007 he joined Simplex Inc. and developed stock trading systems catered to securities companies and subsequently served as product manager of FX dealing system. He joined Money Forward, Inc. in 2015 and has been in charge of developping financial system. In 2016, he was appointed as CTO.

Director, Executive Officer
and Administration Division Manager

Hirokazu Ban

Joined Money Forward in 2016. Prior to joining Money Forward, he served as Director of SBI Money Plaza Inc (subsidiary of SBI Holdings) as Head of Administration Department, after contributing to the establishment of the company. Earlier in his career, he worked for SBI SECURITIES’s Legal Department, then Corporate Planning Department where he was in charge of executing executive-level projects. He also has experience as Head of CEO office at SBI Holdings, where we was in charge of executing the HoldCo’s group strategy and managing it’s subsidiaries. Ban holds a law degree and is a certified Lawyer.

Director, Executive Officer
and Money Forward Cloud Sales &
Marketing Division Manager

Masanobu Takeda

Masanobu Takeda joined Money Forward in 2017 Inc after the acquisition of Klavis Inc., where he served as Director and CFO since 2016. Prior to joining Klavis, he served as Director at Macromill Group, in charge of corporate planning where he lead the company’s corporate and HR strategic planning, M&As, and new business development, and as Director and Head of Corporate Planning at eole Inc.


External Director

External Director
Director, Representative Executive Officer,
Chairman and CEO,
Toshiba Corporation


Nobuaki Kurumatani began his career at Mitsui Bank and has served as deputy president and executive officer of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group and as representative director, deputy president and executive officer of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. He was appointed as representative director and joint representative of CVC Asia Pacific (Japan) in 2017.He now serves as Director, Representative Executive Officer Chairman and CEO of Toshiba Corporation.

External Director
Executive Chairman of the Board
Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.

Masaaki Tanaka

Executive Chairman of the Board, Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. since March 2019.
Former Director and Deputy President at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and former President and COO of INCJ, Ltd..
Current member of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) panel of experts on Fintech startups and other government-related panels. Appointed adviser to the FSA in February 2017. Served as Director at Morgan Stanley from 2011 to 2015. He began his professional career at the Mitsubishi Bank, a predecessor to MUFG, in 1977 and has over 34 years of experience in the banking industry, including as President and CEO of Union Bank, N.A., and Senior Managing Executive officer and CEO for the Americas of The Bank of Tokyo–Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

External Director
Managing Director, DNX Ventures


After engaging in venture capital businesses targeting Japan and U.S. at Fujitsu Limited and Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Akira Kurabayashi oversaw investments in Japan at Globespan Capital Partners and Salesforce Ventures. In March 2015, he joined Draper Nexus Partners (now DNX Ventures) and currently serves as managing director.
He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor and Ph.D degree from Doshisha University.

External Director
CEO, ProNova Inc.

Etsuko Okajima

Etsuko Okajima is a professional in human capital management and executive-level leadership development.
She founded ProNova Inc in 2007, and currently serves as CEO of the company. Earlier in her career, she worked at Mitsubishi Corporation, McKinsey & Company, and Globis Group, where she served as President of Globis Managment Bank Inc. Ms Okajima holds an MBA from Harvard University.


Senior Advisor, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Takashi Mitachi

After working for Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., Takashi Mitachi joined BCG in 1993. From 2005 until 2015, he served as the company’s representative in Japan, and from 2006 until 2013, he was a member of BCG’s Global Management Committee. In addition to his current position at BCG, he also serves as an external director for Rakuten, Inc.; and a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University.

Representative Director and
CEO, betaCatalyst Inc.

Makoto Haruta

Makoto Haruta joined The Sumitomo Bank, Ltd. in April 1992. After leaving the bank, he joined DeNA Co., Ltd., in February 2000 and was appointed as director and CFO in September of the same year, becoming managing director and CFO in July 2008 and director and chairman in June 2011. In addition to spearheading DeNA’s stock exchange listing, he established joint venture companies with major corporations and oversaw M&As, including the purchase of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars. In April 2015, he established betaCatalyst Inc., of which he is the representative director.

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