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Talent Forward

Talent Forward
Moving Employee Potential Forward

Since our foundation, we at Money Forward have continued to expand both our business and our organization as we work to achieve our mission, “Money Forward. Move your life forward.”

This growth has been made possible by the support of each and every one of our employees. We are what we are today because a group of professionals with a common goal have come together, faced challenges for our users and our business, and helped each other to grow.

Our “Talent Forward (Moving Employee Potential Forward)” strategy embodies our commitment to supporting the development and success of our employees, who have always been the driving force behind our growth.

We believe that bringing together exceptional talent from around the world will help us complement each other and accelerate the growth of our business. Growth inevitably leads to new challenges, and in seeking out these new challenges, our network of talent will only expand. We are convinced that it is through this virtuous cycle that we can make our mission a reality.

Talent Forward Strategy 2024

Talent Forward Strategy

In order to achieve our management strategy and to make our mission and vision a reality, we have organized the five key tenets of our HR philosophy into a strategy that we call the “Talent Forward Strategy.”

Talent Forward Strategy
Foster a Safe Work Environment and Corporate Culture

At Money Forward, we share a common set of values and aspire to the same worldview. These are reflected in our MVVC (Mission, Vision, Values, Culture), and are respected by all of our employees.
As we continue to grow and becomes more diverse, we go above and beyond to ensure that not only does the understanding of our MVVC not fade, but continues to deepen.
We strive to create an environment in which employees with different backgrounds and values can feel comfortable working together and respect each other’s differences.

Main Initiatives:
  • ・A flexible work system that allows for a variety of work styles
    • ・Flextime/discretionary work systems and shorter working hour options
    • ・Remote work options
    • ・Expanded eligibility for nursing and family care leave
  • Health-oriented management initiatives
  • ・Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • ・Corporate Culture initiatives
    • ・“Culture Deck,” a platform sharing employees’ thoughts and interpretations of our Culture
    • ・“Connect Area,” a space for employees to connect with each other offline
    • ・“Soukai All-Hands,” Money Forward Group’s semi-annual general meeting, hosted and run by publicly recruited members
    • ・“Culture Hero,” a quarterly award celebrating employees who embody our Culture
  • ・Promotion of parental leave for both men and women and supporting their return to work
  • ・Promotion of employing persons with disabilities and forming of long-term career paths
    • Support Policy
    • ・“Inclusive Course,” a personnel system for persons with disabilities (Employment rate of people with disabilities: 2.45% as of June 1, 2023)
  • ・Language training programs
    • ・“TERAKOYA,” a Japanese language training program for non-Japanese employees
    • ・English language training for non-native English speakers
Recruit Talented and Diverse Members Who Align with Our MVVC.

We believe a team with diverse perspectives and experiences is essential to creating new ideas and value, and we are working to create an organization that attracts top talent not only from Japan but from around the world.
When hiring, we place a strong emphasis on finding individuals who align with our MVVC.

Main Initiatives:
  • ・Employment without regard to gender, nationality, religion, age, education, etc.
  • ・Year-round recruitment of mid-career professionals and new graduates
  • ・“GOEN,” our referral recruitment system
  • ・Enhanced onboarding with “Onn” employee onboarding support service

    Click here to visit Money Forward’s Recruitment Website

Create a System That Maximizes Individual Potential

To encourage our employees to continuously develop themselves and take on more challenges, we continually update our unique performance evaluation and compensation system, the “MF Growth System.”
We also conduct a monthly survey to understand each of our employees’ situations and provide tailored support.

Main Initiatives:
  • ・“MF Growth System,” our personnel system granting raises and bonuses based on performance.
    • ・Our salary range has been increased in FY11/2024, and the rate of pay increases and decreases will be revised to make the system more rewarding for high performers.
  • ・“MF Group Survey,” a survey to grasp the state of the organization
  • ・“MF Selfie Map,” a pulse survey to measure each employee’s engagement
Foster Autonomous Personal Development

At Money Forward, professionalism is a key element of our corporate culture. Each member takes ownership of their own development and demonstrates leadership regardless of position.
We encourage our members to grow autonomously through not only experience on the job but also through the training programs the Company offers and the effective feedback from supervisors.

Main Initiatives:
  • ・Diverse business experience
  • ・Education and training systems
    • ・Goal-setting and 1on1 training to enhance managers’ employee development capabilities
    • ・“Leadership Forward Program,” a management-led leadership training program
    • ・Career training to help employees articulate their own career plan
  • ・Training for Engineers
    • ・”Project Based Learning,” a group training program for new graduate engineers
    • ・”Project Manager Training,” a training program for product managers
    • ・”PdM Growth Support Program,” a training program for Product Managers (PdMs)
  • ・Effective feedback
    • ・1on1 feedback sessions to support employees to achieve their goals and develop themselves
    • ・Career counseling with HR representatives
  • ・Reskilling through the use of external educational institutions
    • ・Supporting members’ autonomous learning through GLOBIS
    • ・Attending management courses at graduate schools, etc.
Connect Individual Development to Organizational Growth

By linking the continuous growth and challenges of our members to the growth of the organization, we aim to achieve our business strategies and continuously increase our corporate value.
We have a variety of systems in place to achieve the growth of our organization, such as a goal-setting system that links company goals with individual goals, a talent strategy meeting for systematic development, and a system for awarding inventions.

Main Initiatives:
  • ・“Goal for Growth System,” our original goal management system
  • ・Succession planning for key positions
  • ・“Talent Strategy Meeting,” a meeting to consider transfers and training from a medium-term to long-term, group-wide perspective.
  • ・“INVENTION AWARDS,” an in-house program to honor employees whose inventions or discoveries have led to patents
  • ・A half-yearly MVP award system to honor employees and projects that have achieved particularly outstanding results
  • ・Introduced Restricted Stock System for members who are expected to contribute to the company over a long period of time.

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Money Forward Group was ranked in the 2023 edition of the “Best Workplaces in Japan” survey conducted by Great Place to Work® Institute Japan.

  • ・Ranked 10th out of over 1,000 companies in the large-scale category
  • ・Ranked 5th in the women’s category
  • ・Ranked the 59th best company to work for in Asia

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