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Our unrelenting commitment to society

Money Forward.
Move your life forward.

'Money' may be nothing more than a tool for living.
However, money is also essential for guarding ourselves and our families, as well as for realizing our dreams.
We contribute to building a better society by providing services that enable users to “see money in a positive light and broaden their range of opportunities,” thereby significantly enriching their lives.


The path toward fulfilling our mission

Becoming the financial platform for all

We aim to solve financial issues of all individuals and businesses through building an open and fair financial platform and providing essential services.


Our social code of conduct

User Focus

Defying all obstacles, we will retain a user-oriented stance at all times, grasping users’ substantive issues and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

Technology Driven

We believe technology to be a major driver in changing the world. We will therefore delve deeper into technology and provide society with deriving services, and thus unceasingly drive innovation.


We pledge to be fair and open to all stakeholders including our users, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.


Culture at the heart of every Money Forward member


Fast decision, fast action, and fast execution


Pride for growth and professional performance


One for all, all for one


Thank, respect and be honest


Excitement of work leads to pleasure of growth

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