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Society Forward

Society Forward

We believe creating a better society is essential for achieving our Mission. We will strive to realize “Society Forward” by contributing to DX of society through co-creation with a wide range of partners, activities to realize better social systems, and implementation of eco-friendly management.

Contribute to DX of Society with Diverse Partners

Our Approach

In recent years, rapid change in business environment has accelerated the digital transformation (DX) initiatives to enhance corporate competitiveness and improve productivity. Our business is promoted with a wide range of partners including financial institutions, accounting firms, corporations and chambers of commerce and industry across Japan. We aim to continue our contribution to DX of society by building a solid ecosystem with diverse partners. Through these initiatives, we will contribute to the achievement of SDGs Goals 8, 12, and 17.

Key Initiatives

Promotion of DX with a wide range of business partners including financial institutions, accounting firms, corporations and chambers of commerce and industry across Japan

No. of Certified Members: (Accounting firms and certified social insurance and labor consultant offices)
No. of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) that We Partner with
No. of Financial Institutions that Provide Our Services
# of API connections with FIs
Number of accountants who use our services as of end of Dec 2021. Previous disclosure, 4,600+ members, were the number of accounting offices who have introduced our services.
As of Jan 14,2021. Counting financial institutions (including Shinkin Banks, Labor Banks and Agricultural and Fishery Cooperative Savings Insurance Corporations) that have API connections or web scraping connections with contracts.

Promoting Activities to Realize a Better Social System

Our Approach

We are leading structural reform through various activities including research and information distribution by Money Forward Fintech Institute, policy proposals at meetings established by government agencies, and sharing of best practice at Money Forward Group. We are also aiming to expand the ecosystem through activities such as operation of study groups and social events with business organizations such as the Fintech Association of Japan and Japan Association for Financial APIs. In addition, we are providing services and information to create an opportunity for individuals across all generation to think about financial issues through our classes, events, and user communities.
We will continue to actively engage in these activities, work on solution of social issues including economic gaps, and support creating more life choices to realize a better social system.
Through these initiatives, we will contribute to the achievement of SDGs Goals 4, 10, and 17.

Key Initiatives
Focal Areas of Policy Proposals
  • E-Invoice Promotion Association
    (Cabinet Secretariat, private software companies,and others)
    In line with the start of the invoice system, we promote activities for standardizing digital invoices and streamlining other operations under the system.
  • Visualization of retirement assets
    (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and others)
    We take part in activities to provide visibility into public pensions and personal assets, and to support post-retirement life planning, in response to the “¥20 million retirement problem (i.e., a claim that elderly couples will need an extra ¥20 million to fund their lives after retirement).”
  • Advancement in cyber security of fintech companies
    (The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems)
    We promote the establishment and operation of security standards that provide safety when fintech companies connect with financial institutions and financial systems.
  • Improvement in SMEs’ cash flow
    (The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)
    To enable SMEs to secure operating funds, we make proposals regarding the establishment of systems concerning factoring of accounts receivables and loans.
  • Reform in authentication infrastructure
    (Cabinet Secretariat and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
    We make policy proposals as a key player in realizing smart public services based on the My Number System and corporate authentication infrastructure.
  • Resolving issues of a super-aging society
    (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; and Financial Services Agency)
    As users face various changes such as dementia in a super-aging society, we gather knowledge and make policy proposals to inclusively provide financial services.
  • Non-bank salary payment
    (Financial Services Agency and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
    We propose systems that will offer more options for workers in the way they receive their salaries or accumulate wealth.
  • Newly formed financial services intermediary business
    (Japan Financial Service Intermediary Business Association)
    We support the provision of safe services and advancement of the industry in light of new types of financial instruments intermediary services.
  • Promotion of electronic payment services
    (Japan Association for Financial APIs)
    We implement activities as a member of a business organization to realize systems and infrastructure that facilitate the linking of financial information and transactions, represented by bank’s APIs.
  • Reform in payment infrastructure
    (Fintech Association of Japan and Bank of Japan)
    We actively participate in discussions on the transformation of payment infrastructures such as the Zengin System and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), and make recommendations regarding systems toward the establishment of a convenient payment infrastructure.
  • Promotion of data portability
    (Japan Association for Financial APIs and MyData Japan)
    We conduct research and build a consensus towards personal data ownership rights, which is not yet established in Japan.
  • Promotion of open innovation in fintech
    (FINOVATORS, FINOLAB, and Fintech Association of Japan)
    Beyond our self-interest, we support the advancement of the fintech industry and implement activities to maintain a structural environment where innovation continuously comes to life.

Practice Environmentally Friendly Management

Our Approach

Money Forward Group is working on reducing the movement of people and the use of paper resources by introducing remote work and shifting to cloud-based business operations including for internal memorandum, settlement of expenses, and contracting.
We believe that we can achieve more eco-friendly society with paperless back office operation. We will continue to implement environment friendly management by further promoting the reduction of movement of people and the use of paper through business growth and review of internal operations.
Through these initiatives, we will contribute to the achievement of SDGs Goal 15.

Key Initiatives
Efforts to reduce GHG*emissions
* Green House Gas

We are working to reduce GHG emissions by, for example, starting to use 100% substantial renewable energy electricity at our headquarters office.

GHG emissions

Scope 1(Direct emissions from fuel use, etc.)
Scope 2(Indirect emissions from purchased electricity use)
  •  Emissions from our group in the fiscal year ended November 30, 2021
  •  Scope 2 is calculated by location-based method.
  •  Scope 2 emissions from the headquarters office have been zero by market-based method since the start of 100% substantial renewable energy use.

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