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Sustainability of Money Forward

Aspiring to resolve financial issues for all and create society that drives challenge.

Since our founding, we have embraced our corporate mission, “Money Forward. Move your life forward,” and aspired to eliminate financial issues and concerns from the world. Money is merely a tool for living. Yet, many individuals and companies are pressured and affected by it due to lack of adequate knowledge and are unable to take actions. Through our services, we support people to move their lives forward and to drastically enrich everyday life, thus create a society that drives challenges.

Our mission, the ideal society we aspire to create, our business and its prospects are summarized in detail in our integrated report.
Integrated Report(Published in September 2021)

CEO message

We have been providing various services since our foundation, with kind support from our users, partners, and shareholders. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support.
Financial issues are universal. The concept of money may have been affecting lives of people ever since ancient times when seashells, rice, or metal was used as money. Financial problems have persisted in our long-established capitalist economy too. Periodic recessions such as those triggered by the burst of bubble economy and the global financial crisis, and the increasing gap in wealth around the world are some examples that exist beyond time and space. And now, the world economy is facing another crisis caused by the pandemic.
Money Forward believes a sustainable society should be a society that is sustainable for individuals and businesses. It is a society where individuals can take on challenges without concerns about their living environment. This requires creating a framework that minimizes the impact of unforeseeable events and enables optimal actions.
We currently offer many services, but the road to achieving a sustainable society is without an end, and we believe it is our eternal challenge as a corporation. We will continue to work together to face the universal and expansive financial issues to make social contribution.

Money Forward, Inc.
Representative Director, President and CEO

Yosuke Tsuji

CEO’s Blog (Japanese)

Three Priority Themes to Achieve our Vision for the Society

To realize our vision for the society and to steadily increase shareholder value, we have set “User Forward,” “Society Forward,” and “Talent Forward” as our priority themes. We will focus on these as well as the supporting foundations, i.e., “penetration of Money Forward’s Mission/Vision/Value/Culture” and “Governance that balances offense and defense.”

  • User Forward
    • Provide Services that Solve Financial Issues for a Diverse Range of Users (B2B and B2C)
    • Solve Users’ Problems with Technology and Design
    • Promote Investment in Security to Ensure the Safety
  • Society Forward
    • Contribute to DX of Society with Diverse Partners
    • Promoting Activities to Realize a Better Social System
    • Practice Environmentally Friendly Management
  • Talent Forward
    • Create Diverse Growth Opportunities to Draw out Potential of Employees
    • Management’s Commitment to Member’s talent Development
    • Create an Environment that Accepts Diverse Viewpoints Regardless of Gender, Nationality, Age, and Educational Background

Foundations Supporting Three Priority Themes

Value Creation Process

Identification of Priority Themes

We identified our materiality by selecting prospective items referencing major guidelines including the SDG Compass*1 and SASB materials*2, as well as ESG criteria, combining that with interviews with internal and external stakeholders, and holding discussions at Board of Directors Meetings and Management Meetings.

Guidance for companies to align their strategies with the SDGs
SASB=Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Structure for Promoting Sustainability

We appointed Toshio Taki, who serves as Executive Officer, CoPA (Chief of Public Affairs), and Head of the Money Forward Fintech Institute, as Head of Sustainability. We also launched a project team to promote sustainability, consisting of the Corporate Planning, Administrative, and Public Relations Departments. Matters regarding sustainability are discussed and policies are established at Board of Directors Meetings and Management Meetings.

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