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In line with our mission “Money Forward. Move your life forward,”
we provide services that resolve money-related issues for all individuals and corporations.

Money Forward Home

  • Money Forward
    Money Forward ME is a personal financial management service which is accessible to anyone, easy to use, and free of charge. The service automatically aggregates statements of bank accounts/credit cards/securities accounts/FX accounts/pensions/points and compiles a household accounting book. Money Forward helps users take the first step toward eliminating anxiety about money by enabling users to centrally manage their household accounts and financial assets, and acknowledge their cash flow and balances.
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    MONEY PLUS is a practical economic media that conveys money-related themes based on information relevant to users’ daily lives, targeting people who have little awareness of or interest in financial matters. The media enhances subscribers’ financial literacy, fostering their awareness toward financial matters.
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  • SiraTama
    SiraTama is an automatic savings app that enables users to unconsciously (“sira”zu) save money (“tama”ru). The Japanese word siratama itself refers to sweet rice dumplings, and not to be outdone, the app’s concept is to “make every day more delightful and a bit more luxurious.” Based on this concept, the app aims to help users effortlessly save money and hence enjoy their lives—splurging here and there on outings with loved ones, on purchasing items that one has always wanted, or on treating oneself to something nice.
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  • mirai talk
    mirai talk is a channel where customers can resolve their financial concerns together directly with financial planners. With the data in our personal financial management service and the insights of financial planner, Mr. Mistuaki Yokoyama, who has improved the personal finance of more than 10,000 families, mirai talk delivers personalized advice on lifetime planning and improvements of personal finance.
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  • Money Forward Mall
    Money Forward Mall is a web portal and platform for comparing and applying for financial services, such as credit cards and securities accounts. Money Forward Mall enables users to find just the right service.
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  • tock pop
    “tock pop” is a coupon app which offers rewards and discount coupons for restaurants and retail stores, as well as fitness and leisure facilities. Users can get the best deals (“otoku” or “tock” in Japanese) by a simple 3-step approach: “Find the store”,”Choose your coupon” and “Show your coupon to the cashier”.
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Money Forward Business

Money Forward Cloud Series

The Money Forward Cloud Series is a SaaS-type service platform for business operators that automates and significantly streamlines back-office operations,
reduces concerns regarding cash flows, and supports data-oriented managerial decision-making.

  • Money Forward Cloud Accounting
    Money Forward Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based accounting software that simplifies complex account settlements. It drastically reduces work time and improves efficiency of time-consuming accounting tasks by automating inputs and journal entries of transactions. The software is automatically updated in cases of tax law revisions or consumption tax hikes.
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  • Money Forward Cloud Tax Return
    Money Forward Cloud Tax Return is a cloud-based tax return software for sole proprietors that supports tax return preparations. Money Forward Cloud Tax Return can be used for both Blue and White Tax Return forms. It automatically compiles the necessary tax return documents; e.g., Tax Return Form B, Blue Return Account Statement, and Income and Expense Statement.
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  • Money Forward Cloud Invoice
    Money Forward Cloud Invoice is an invoice preparation software that centrally manages the creation, delivery and receipt of invoices. To create an invoice, users simply choose a template and select a client and product from a predefined list. Users can create an invoice easily and also select to either deliver a hard copy by postal mail or PDF file by email with just one click.
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  • Money Forward Cloud Payroll
    Money Forward Cloud Payroll is a payroll calculation software that completes time-consuming payroll calculations in just three steps. It can also calculate online pay slips, social insurance, labor insurance, income tax, and year-end tax adjustments. The software eliminates human errors and duplication of effort, thereby significantly saving time and cost.
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  • Money Forward Cloud Attendance
    Money Forward Cloud Attendance is a cloud-based attendance management software which integrates seamlessly with payroll platforms. By end-to-end automation of tracking, managing and analyzing employee hours, Money Forward Cloud Attendance increases labor productivity, as well as contributing to a more employee-friendly environment.
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  • Money Forward Cloud My Number
    Money Forward Cloud My Number is a My Number (social security/tax number) information management system catered to corporations and sole proprietors. All procedures—from collecting to discarding information—are completed on cloud, allowing for simplified management.
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  • Money Forward Cloud Expense
    Money Forward Cloud Expense is a cloud-based expense reimbursement system that reduces time required for processing expenses to one-tenth. Manual inputs are minimized owing to automatic reading functions for credit card statements and transport system IC cards, and automated inputs of receipts. Expenses can also be entered, submitted and approved via an app.
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  • Money Forward Cloud Finance
    Money Forward Cloud Finance is a service that saves time and effort for procuring funds by providing MF cloud data to financial institutions. Data is provided after obtaining consent from the user at the time of requesting screening to the financial institution.
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We also provide a special-value plan
that incorporates five different services.

Related Services

    STREAMED is an automated bookkeeping service which enables users to convert paper based data such as receipts and invoices into digital accounting data just by scanning them. With a unique OCR solution combining operator input and AI, 99.9% of manual data can be accurately digitized and imported to major accounting softwares in Japan.
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  • Manageboard
    Manageboard is cloud-based financial analysis platform. By simply importing financial information from the company’s accounting software and setting revenue goals and assumptions, Manageboard lets users create budget variance analysis reports and cashflow forecasts effortlessly.
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Money Forward Finance

    MF KESSAI is an inter-company post-pay settlement service that can handle all procedures up to collection of sales proceeds, simply by inputting transaction data. Companies are not only relieved from time-consuming billing processes, but can also focus on their core businesses without worrying about money owing to shorter collection cycles and lower collection risks.
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  • bizaccel
    Money Forward BizAccel in an online lending service which leverages data accumulated in [our] cloud accounting software. With no collateral, no guarantee, and no paper-based document submissions necessary, BizAccel provides fast funding with quick approvals, supporting the growth and the financial stability of the client’s business.
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Money Forward X

  • Money Forward X
    Leveraging our expertise in technology and design, Money Forward X provides innovative solutions for our clients, creating new products and services together. By delivering superior user experience and initiating the new normal in financial services, we strive to build a fair and open platform for money, for everyone.
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